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Antimicrobial self-active surface protective film

COVERSAFE™ is a self-adhesive film with excellent antimicrobial properties.

The adhesive film can be easily applied to all types of surfaces such as tables, counters, door handles, touchscreen and sideboards etc. COVERSAFE™ acts against viruses (including corona viruses), bacteria, yeasts and molds and thus greatly reduces the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Technical characteristics and structure of the COVERSAFE ™ film:   "#AntiCoronaFolie"

Total thickness of the film 0.14 mm

·        1490 mm x   2.9 meter roll (4.32 m² / roll)

·        1490 mm x 30 meter roll (44.7 m² / roll) 

LTS-Nagel COVERSAFE Datasheet.pdf (891.66KB)
LTS-Nagel COVERSAFE Datasheet.pdf (891.66KB)

The COVERSAFE ™ adhesive film with great advantages:

  • Continuous triple protection (24 hours a day): 

       viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria, yeast and mold.

  • Fast action (example Coronavirus 229E:  (90% in 1 hour;> 99.9% in 24 hours)
  • A permanent and stable effect over time 

         (Technology validated for 4 years of continuous use, without loss of efficiency)

  • A natural and biocompatible technology: safe for the skin
  • Discreet, unobtrusive after application (thin, transparent, and matt.
  • Easy assembly and removal without residues.
  • The film can be cleaned with common cleaning agents such as soap, bleach, disinfectant without reducing the antimicrobial effect and activity.

Technical characteristics and structure of the COVERSAFE ™ film:

Total thickness of the film 0.14 mm 

Find out more about the antimicrobial properties of COVERSAFE™

COVERSAFE™ - Antimicrobial protective adhesive solution. Self-adhesive film with antimicrobial properties, eliminates most microorganisms, including Coronavirus 229E.

COVERSAVE™ is also effective against common epidemics such as gastroenteritis, 

H1N1 influenza or conjunctivitis.

Some examples of neutralized viruses and bacteria using Pylote technology.

neutralized viruses and bacteriaAll tests have been carried out according to JIS Z 2801, ISO 22196, and ISO 21702 standards by independent and accredited laboratories.

What applications is COVERSAVE™ suitable for? 

The COVERSAFE™ adhesive film is intended for all industries: retail stores, companies, kindergartens, schools, administration, hospitals, retirement homes, clean rooms for the medical industry and others. It can be used on tables (meeting, catering, offices), counters and cash registers, door handles, railings, handrails, machines, and payment terminals.

We all have the same destination: to make the environment around us safer against the risks of microbial contamination. 

Thanks to COVERSAFE™, it is now possible to drastically reduce the tactile transmission of viruses and bacteria in public areas!

Examples of use:

  •          Banisters in hotels, bars and restaurants.
  •          Counters and receptions
  •          touchscreens (mobile phones, tablets etc.)
  •          Automatic dispensers (drinks, money ...) and coffee machines.
  •          Handrails and handles in public transport (subway, bus, train etc.)
  •          Handrails and handles in hospitals and old people's homes.
  •          Handrails and handles in shopping centers.
  •          Industrial clean rooms.
  •          Break rooms and dining rooms.
  •          Public and shared spaces.

Applications in use:

  • Sticker
  • COVERSAFE_Rezeption
  • COVERSAFE_Anmeldung


(1) Results according to ISO 21702 methods adapted by the Cofrac-accredited F particularphar laboratory for the human coronavirus strain 229E. The results express the difference (increase in antimicrobial activity) compared to an identical surface without antimicrobial technology (reference surface) after the same incubation times. (2) Scientific paper. Réf. J Appl Microbiol. 2018 Jul; 125 (1): 45-55 (3) Not cytotoxic according to ISO-10993-5 (4) See installation instructions.