Mit Kompetenz und Leidenschaft in die Zukunft

History of LTS-Nagel

Development and ingenuity

As with many other developments, we came out of an emergency into the world of laminated glass.

For an innovative development in relation to electroluminescence, we needed waterproof encapsulation. This had to ensure that a specially developed process met the highest requirements.

That was the starting shot for the laminating world.

The search for possibilities began. The research led us to a well-known manufacturer who was immediately convinced of our innovations and our competence and from then on engaged us as analysts for research and laboratory work. Whether it is about crosslinking analyzes / cross link / gel rate test methods, adhesion tests of laminating foils for customers. Melting behavior of laminating foils as a function of temperature and time.

All of our results were the cornerstone for our own idea to develop our own waterproof EVA laminating film. It took many more years of work, research, laboratory tests and money to bring a very sophisticated laminating film to the market. It was only through investors that we were able to bring a waterproof laminating film with approval onto the market despite all adverse circumstances.

In the last few years we have managed and accompanied a large number of laminating projects.

Just to name a few examples;

  • For the automotive industry, development of flexible LED displays for buses in the windshield.
  • Electroluminescence for advertising signs / displays with wireless energy transmission 
  • Ghost fittings / single-sided point fixings for laminated glass with increased residual load-bearing capacity for glass facade surfaces. These point holders are not visible from the outside.
  • Various stone-glass facades to withstand sandstorms.
  • Stone laminates, stone veneers
  • Wood-veneer laminates
  • Increase in the residual strength capacity through multilayer structures for up to bulletproof panes 
  • Decorative inlay foils, bolts, electrical components or flaps of various materials
  • Fusing glass in the decorative area of airports and yacht cabins
  • Sublimation film laminates / switchable glasses Liquide Cristal
  • Heating glass / full-surface, transparent, heatable glass panes
  • Glass furniture construction
  • Artist glass

As part of our tireless research and developments over the past 20 years, we have also developed special cleaners for glass surfaces. Because during our analysis and measurements we discovered that some incompatible additives were processed in the cleaner offered. The adhesion during lamination depends heavily on the surface properties of the glasses. The glass cleaners did not meet our high standards. With the various cleaners we have developed, we have been able to increase the adhesion of the respective laminating film to glass and significantly reduce undesirable lamination effects such as streaks or blistering.

Countless special projects that we have supported have repeatedly shown us limits. Regardless of whether it was about size dimensions of the lamination systems or various techniques of lamination.

In order to survive in the laminating market, we are constantly researching and developing.

There are now countless laminating foils with a wide variety of properties and parameters that we all do justice to. For each process or the manufacturer's specifications, we wanted to build an autoclave-free laminating machine that is so flexible and can easily handle a wide variety of processes.

The complexity of the work / developments carried out is often underestimated.

Based on the research results, we could not avoid designing and building our own laminating machine, the Nagel Laminator 2E-600, for the highest demands. A whole system was built up. After several years of testing and adjusting the already great components, we can rightly say that we have designed and built one of the best laminating systems on the market.

All components are precisely matched to one another. Among other things, the specific materials in strengths and properties. This also means that we have permanently installed all vacuum connections that were specially made for us. We have special infrared tubes made. This also ensures that the really required heating power can always be fed in at certain points. We have developed a special process to reduce energy consumption costs and save resources.

e.g. Our permanently stable silicone membranes are 3700 mm wide without seams. (see data sheet)

We have the locking system of the silicone mats with the ergonomic handles extruded on our designed tool. Since we always make sure to use our resources ecologically and responsibly, we have also decided against the disposable vacuum bag. In our laminators, the laminates are embedded in a permanently stable vacuum system with impact-free membranes. This way, enormous resources can be avoided. Minimize procurement and waste costs. Unnecessary productions due to superfluous handling are avoided.

All products / services have been developed to ultimately establish a suitable process in lamination technology.

We appreciate your interest.

LTS-Nagel team