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Laminating oven calibrations

As an extension to our products, we offer as a service a calibration of your laminating furnace. Regardless of whether it is an infrared, convection, autoclave or self-construction. Each system can be optimized by us.

You know the problem of air pockets or the problems when laminating various materials such. Glass, wood, metal, stone etc.?

This depends on many factors, which laminating film you use, for example, or any fluctuations in your laminating oven.

Our technician team has years of experience in calibrating a wide range of laminating furnaces and laminating.

The calibration of your laminating oven involves an intensive evaluation of all collected data, accurate graphical analysis work and a detailed report.

There are several models in laminating furnace calibration. We are able to calibrate your laminating oven to the material you are using. You can request a quote via the contact form.


Basic Training

Basic training in your company.

On the one hand, we offer you basic training in the basics of successful lamination. Especially for your laminating system; Laminating oven and foils are trained.

The theoretical part deals with application conditions, film specifications, material compatibility, and defaults. Various bag methods for the respective application are listed.

In the practical part, the acquired knowledge will be implemented and successfully laminated with this knowledge.


Extension Training

For experienced users / employees, it makes sense to train them explicitly in the course of orders for special laminates. The special requirements of the respective materials, applications and structures are extensively explained and worked out.

The necessary special challenges are addressed. Useful tips and Kniffs are trained.

Special attention is the lamination of different materials and objects. Whether paper, stone, reinforcing foil, printing, LED-foils, electro-luminescence, constructive point holders, etc., there are almost no limits.

The practical part is much more detailed and intense.

We are happy to provide you with the training that should be used for your company and systems together.

The prices depend on trainee and effort.

Send a request via the contact form. An employee of LTS-Nagel will contact you shortly.


Technical Service on the phone

Problem solving on the phone with LTS-Nagel technicians on your request. The costs for the first to the 15th minute of your adjustment always amount to 24,75 € net / plus VAT. After that a minute exact billing takes place.

 1.65 €, net 1 minute / plus VAT

If email traffic is required, will be charged by time per email.

This customer service will be available shortly.

Please inform yourself via our contact form.